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Sodium Fluoride (NaF) PET/CT Imaging is a PET/CT scan that is able to detect metastatic disease to the bone with better accuracy than conventional bone scanning.

Recent published studies have shown that Sodium Fluoride has proven to be a superior imaging agent in the diagnosis of bone metastasis including detecting 45% more metastases in the spine.

Am I a good candidate for this scan?

The best candidates for this scan are patients who have primary cancers that often metastasize to the bone, patients who may have a recurrence of their previously diagnosed cancer and those with cancers of unknown primary origin.

What are the benefits of using this scan?

  • Bone uptake of 18F NaF is two times higher that for 99mTc medronate.
  • Rapid clearance 3 and low protein binding.
  • Minimal patient prep, including no restrictions on food intake, medication or activity.
  • Shorter study times (typically less than 1 hour), resulting in a more efficient workflow, improved patient convenience and faster report turnaround time to the referring physicians.
  • Shorter radiation eposure period.
  • Higher sensitivity.

Does the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid cover this scan?

At this time Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the cost for this scan.  Please contact our facility to discuss pricing for self-pay.

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